So Chic Crystal Burgundy Glasses
So Chic Crystal Burgundy Glasses
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So Chic Crystal Burgundy Glasses

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Crystal offers the purest, most stylish drinkware experience. Crystal is an elegant, but durable material that creates ultra-thin wine glasses. There’s nothing better than picking up a delicate crystal wine glass and feel the thin rim kissing your lips as you sip your favorite wine. You’ll never want to drink from another glass vessel. 

Located in the east-central part of France, Burgundy is known for growing exception pinot. The perfect clarity coupled with precise lines and angles define our flawlessly crafted Burgundy glass and unite our crystal collection as a whole.

  • Accommodates 21 Oz Comfortably
  • Includes 2 Glasses
  • Lead Free Crystal Construction
  • Sleek and Modern Design